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On January 20, 2009, St. Vrain Manufacturing successfully completed the qualifying process to become a participant in the Ball Aerospace & Technologies Delegated Inspection Program. (Pictured at right, from left to right, Terry Curtland and Dee West, Ball Aerospace & Technologies, Steve Prucha, Bob Bergstrom and Dave Lindsay, St. Vrain Manufacturing.) The Delegated Inspection Program allows qualified suppliers to deliver certified product that does not require additional inspection by Ball Quality personnel beyond document review.

The qualifying process involved measuring a complex artifact designed, manufactured and certified by the Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality groups at Ball. The artifact is specifically designed to include nearly every aspect of geometric and dimensional tolerancing concepts. As a result, measurement of the Ball artifact is a challenging process.

Our lead metrologist, Steve Prucha, measured the artifact and his measurement data correlated with Ball’s own measurement data. Based on these results, Ball is satisfied that Steve is able to measure Ball product to the applicable Ball specifications. Resulting documentation from Steve’s measurements will reflect the actual condition of the part.

Ball sees added value in St. Vrain Manufacturing’s inclusion in their Delegated Inspection Program. Parts measured by Steve can be placed into service after Ball’s quality personnel review the inspection documentation for dimensional conformance to specification. If inspection documentation review indicates acceptable product, Ball can accept product without expending any additional resources on product verification.

St. Vrain Manufacturing is proud to be a new partner with Ball Aerospace and Technologies in the Delegated Inspection Program.